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Negris LeBrum launches Kickstarter to go to New York Fashion Week 2015 Creating a Line That Appeals to Fashion Forward Women

Negris LeBrum launches Kickstarter to go to New York Fashion Week 2015 Creating a Line That Appeals to Fashion Forward Women

Houston, Texas – Jan 02, 2015 – Negris Lebrum, is launching their fourth collection called “Le Noir est Joli”. The elegant and contemporary collection will be showcased in the upcoming New York’s Fashion Week Fall 2015. Since the brand has grown, the cost of producing a successful show has gone up significantly. They have turned to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds from those who are passionate about fashion to help reveal this 2015 fall collection that identifies with woman of personality, attitude, and elegance.

During the Kickstarter campaign, anyone who contributes will receive rewards for their support. Based on the amount of the contribution, backers can receive a signature Negris Lebrum items such as t-shirt’s, a designer Bluetooth watch-phone “S28 Gold”, their remarkable Signature Sarah jacket, and an invite to their Runway show and Run of show.

The campaign is to raise $15,000 and will end January 17, 2015. All proceeds go to the fashion shows production cost. The venue is pre-set, collection has been fulfilled, and all gift rewards are coming from their existing inventory. This collection is one everyone must see. It is sophisticated, contemporary, and empowers women to be strong in today’s society. Help show this collection to the world. Make a contribution today!  

Travis Hamilton was inspired to create Negris Lebrum from an incredible love story. The story began in the 1940s, between a young alluring French Creole woman and a handsome black man. Society frowned upon their union because of societal differences, making it difficult for them to be together. In the end, the two were brought together by a force so strong – love. Through fashion, their story is being shared to the world. Negris Lebrum began on the campus of Texas Southern University and years later launched their first collection at NY Fashion Week Fall 2012. Since then, the brand has grown and the fashion industry is demanding for another great show next year.

With each new line Negris Lebrum introduces to the fashion world, it becomes bigger and better than the next. For next year’s fall collection, “Le Noir est Joli” presents a style that fits a powerful modern woman; designed with collaborative tones to emphasize a woman’s aspirations, attitude, and strength in society. Each item brings out a females inner beauty and demands respect from all who come in her presence. This fashionable and appealing line will revolutionize the industry and bring a unique style to NY Fashion Week.

To make a contribution or find out more about the campaign, visit

To view Negris Lebrum’s extraordinary designs and collections, go to their website at

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