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Scoopie Liquid and Powder Dispenser Assures Easy Intake of Dietary Food Supplements and Baby Food

Scoopie Liquid and Powder Dispenser Assures Easy Intake of Dietary Food Supplements and Baby Food

Fitness freaks who buy dietary supplements often look for easy-to-handle scoops inside the product container. Scoopie, a dispensing and storage scoop, is now being used by top dietary supplement brands.

Packaging plays a pivotal role in FMCG market as consumers are easily attracted towards brilliantly packaged products that come with useful accessories. Scoopie, a powder and liquid dispenser that can now be found inside the top dietary supplement containers, promises adequate intake of dietary supplements. The owners have claimed that the products is revolutionary in many ways as it rightly addresses the dilemma of modern day consumers who get little time to consume food and beverages properly and in right quantities. In today’s fast-paced life, it has become almost impossible for the fitness enthusiasts to consume dietary supplements routinely. Scoopie is a brilliantly built storage and dispensing scoop that lessens the chances of spillage or mess. The scoop now comes prepackaged with top fitness and dietary supplements such as The Train Insane, Dual Attack Pre Cardio and Thermogenic Powder, Core Fuel, GNC and the likes.

The owners have stated that by subscribing to their online newsletter, consumers can get daily dose of fitness industry news right in their inbox. Scoopie now offers customized branding for fitness brands and excellent wholesaling opportunities to entrepreneurs.

The manufacturers of Scoopie have also added that the scoop is now being sold across major retail chains including GNC, Smoothie King, Total Nutrition, Nutrition Dept, and Complete Nutrition. Customers can either buy the scoop separately or they can get it inside the fitness and dietary supplement containers. Scoopie owners are now looking to collaborate and partner with other major dietary supplement makers to expand their customer base. It has been confirmed by the owners of the firm, Tiffany and Jarred that their product can be found across all departmental stores and supermarkets towards the end of this year.

On behalf of the company, Tiffany, whose brainchild is Scoopie, spared a few words on the USPs of Scoopie. She addressed a small group of journalists in NYC and said that their aim is to promote the unique selling propositions of the product to the fitness and dietary product supplement makers this 2015. “Our product comes with a Silver Seal, which keeps off the bacteria and bad odor from dietary supplements and baby food. It is great for busy people who want to consume supplements while on the go,” she said. She also suggested that Jarred Allen, the co-founder can be contacted for wholesaling enquiries.

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Scoopie is an intelligently built powder and liquid dispenser that can now be found across major retail chains.

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