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Innovative TiltedPet Bowl Diminishes Mess and Pet Frustration

Innovative TiltedPet Bowl Diminishes Mess and Pet Frustration

Out of the more than 80 million cat or dog owners in the U.S., most are familiar with the splashed water and mess around a pet bowl.  Because they lack the ability to pour water into their mouths, your pets lap water, which can lead to an unsanitary and unappealing watery mess.  Often a pet will jostle or chase a bowl around in an effort to consume all of the available water or food contents. A newly designed bowl designated the TiltedPet Bowl by Robert Stovall helps reduce or eliminate this splashed water or spilled food by introducing a tilted base.  The water or food then accumulates in a tiny area, allowing your pet to drink all of the liquid or eat all of the pet food without splashing.

The TiltedPet Bowl is available in a number of sizes and styles, and is usable with a wide array of pets. Made from highly durable materials like plastic, rubber, Stainless Steel, or bamboo fiber, the TiltedPet Bowl will serve your pet for many years to come. The durable design also is ideal for pets with special needs and limited mobility.  The base of the TiltedPet Bowl may tilt from 6° – 15° depending upon the size and design of the bowl. The TiltedPet Bowl also has a rubber bottom ring which helps secure the entire bowl and prevents overturning. The well engineered design of TiltedPet Bowl makes it ideal for use in homes, animal shelters, or veterinary offices, and it is especially useful with pets which possess limited mobility or training.

Robert Stovall and his TiltedPet Bowl team have invested considerable time in the creation and design of this ingenious product which is easily manufactured and cost effective TiltedPet Bowl, but it requires support from the public to enter mass production.  Robert has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $50,000 necessary for manufacturing and distribution to pet stores, major media outlets, wholesale vendors, online storefronts and veterinary clinics.  In return for your generous support, you may receive valuable perks like T-shirts or shares of the parent company AngleWare Inc.

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