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New Film “You Can Stay or You Can Go” Spotlights a Young Man’s Tragic Death Due to Heroin

New Film “You Can Stay or You Can Go” Spotlights a Young Man’s Tragic Death Due to Heroin

A new film from director and writer Talley Wilford entitled “You Can Stay or You Can Go” is based on his experiences with a longtime friend Matt Schilling, who died of a heroin overdose at a young age in April 2013. The film depicts the lives of three young men who grow up together but ultimately travel their own paths in life. Told in a reverse narrative, “You Can Stay or You Can Go” is unlike other films which feature the heartrending consequences of drug use; beginning with the death of one of these men, it explores in retrospect how friendship and family can be insufficient to prevent drug abuse especially in the face of the drug epidemic sweeping through the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The film covers almost ten years and is intended to help parents recognize the signs of substance abuse in their children.

The script has already been finalized and major production roles have been filled. Jen Wagner is the film’s co-producer with Talley Wilford, who wrote the script and will direct the feature, while the cinematographer will be Beth Ewing. Jake Porch anad Ben Van Nest are the music producers. Auditions for the film roles will be held in February, with many of the parts going to local Maryland actors to help add authenticity.

To produce this important film will require substantial funds. To raise the $14,000 needed to acquire the film equipment, the production team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.  In return for supporting this important project, backers may receive perks like DVD’s, digital downloads, soundtracks, photo albums, film credits, or invitations to the launch or wrap party.

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