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The P-flector® Prevents Urine from Passing between the Toilet Seat and Bowl

The P-flector® Prevents Urine from Passing between the Toilet Seat and Bowl

Whether you are a parent of a potty training child or have finished potty training your child, you’ve likely experienced on more than one occasion your child accidently urinating through the gap between the toilet seat and the bowl.  If so, then you’ve also experienced the frustration of having to continually clean up the resulting mess and change your child’s clothes after such an accident.  This kind of accident can also be frustrating for any child, who is trying their best to go to the potty like a “big boy” or “big girl” and has no idea why this keeps happening.  In some cases, this situation could also negatively impact a child’s self-esteem.  In order to help busy parents (and care givers) save time and avoid the need to clean up this type of mess, as well as boost a child’s self-esteem during their potty training phase, Joseph Conrad, owner and CEO of For Kids By Parents, Inc., invented the P-flector®, a flexible urine shield that attaches to the underside of the toilet seat, blocks the gap between the toilet seat and bowl, and prevents seated potty training kids from urinating through the gap.

The P-flector® is made of a soft, flexible plastic and attaches to the underside of a toilet seat with a double-sided tape adhesive.  Once attached, the P-flector® can stay in place for several weeks, with periodic cleaning.  Its flexible design allows the P-flector® to conform to the curvature of almost any rounded or elongated closed front toilet seat. This outstanding product is not only ideal for homes with young children, but also schools, daycare centers and even assisted living facilities.

For Kids By Parents, Inc. has finalized both the product and packaging designs for the P-flector® and is ready to begin the commercial production phase of this project. This phase will require: (i) manufacture of the P-flector® injection mold, (ii) production of the initial 15,000 units of the P-flector®, (iii) production of the custom designed adhesive tape, and (iv) production of the P-flector® packaging. In order to raise the $60,000 needed to cover the cost of the P-flector® commercial production phase, For Kids By Parents, Inc. has launched a campaign on Kickstarter.

Your support of this Kickstarter Campaign will make it possible for For Kids By Parents, Inc. to make the P-flector® available to the many busy parents and care givers looking to save valuable time by avoiding the need to clean up after this type of potty training “gap mishap”; to the people who have already asked for the P-flector®; and to the retailers who have expressed interest in the P-flector® (such as, One Step Ahead®). In return for your generous support of this Kickstarter Campaign, you can receive valuable perks like one or more P-flector®s and/or recognition as an “Official Supporter” of the Campaign on the For Kids By Parents, Inc. website.  If you are unable to financially support this important project at this time, please consider sharing this product on Facebook, Twitter or with anyone who might benefit from using a P-flector®.

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