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MagCharge – First Ever Magnetic Charging Cable for Apple Products

MagCharge – First Ever Magnetic Charging Cable for Apple Products

Convenient and Protective Way to Recharge

Milano, Italy – Jan 13, 2015 – MagCharge is the first of its kind. A magnetic charger, similar to ones found on MacBook chargers, but has been developed specifically to charge apple devices that use lightning devices. They have launched an IndieGogo to get funding to begin production of this innovative charging accessory.

Creator of this ingenious product, Marco Tegas, is currently studying programming at the University of Milano. Just like many of Apple product lovers in the world, he had always wondered why Apple did not make a magnetic charger for their other products, aside from the MacBook. Not only is it more convenient for users to have, but protects devices as well from scratches. This prompted him to take matters into his own hands and create the MagCharge.

The charger cables are composed of two parts. The first is the plug that goes into the phone and can stay there forever. Users do not need to take this out if they do not want to. Second part is the chord with a magnetic connector to the plug. Both can be bought separately, in case individuals need to buy more than one plug to charge multiple devices. Now consumers can simply have their devices close to the connector plug and the magnet allows it to find the plug instantly. This helps avoid scratching these expensive gadgets that might occur when plugging typical chargers in. If the cord gets stepped on, the plug immediately unplugs from the device, which avoids dropping the phone with the plug and keeps it safe from harm. It also makes charging phones in vehicles easier and safer for drivers. Drivers no longer have to worry about finding the cable to their phone, they can painlessly put the phone near the magnet and it will find the phone.

MagCharger standard size is 1 meter. There is also a 2-meter chord that will be available. The campaign goal is to raise $20,000 by March 6, 2015. They hope to get production finished by May so the MagCharge can be available to ship by June of this year. Backers will receive a free MagCharge for their support.

Do not wait, make a contribution today and be one of the very first to request their own MagCharge.

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