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You’ll Call It the Best Thing that Ever Happened!

You’ll Call It the Best Thing that Ever Happened!

If you’re one of the hundred million people in the United States or one of the two billion people worldwide suffering from CHRONIC PAIN who wake up each morning knowing you’ll have to struggle just to make it through another day, most likely your one wish is, “to have your life back.” The authors of this extraordinary book, Delete Pain and Stress on the Spot, explain the groundbreaking Yuen Method, which ensures that you not only “can,” but “will” enjoy such a life again.

This isn’t just another marketing ploy using catchy phrases and promising to change your life.  As astonished audiences have looked on, Dr. Kam Yuen and Marnie Greenberg, co-creator of the Yuen Method, have instantly restored the quality of life to hundreds thousands of people spanning  the globe; all of whom were previously imprisoned by their chronic pain, stress or illness.  After successfully deleting these ailments on the spot, in live demonstrations, on television and radio shows, at seminars, over the phone and on the internet, tears of gratitude frequently flow from the eyes of the shocked participants as they realize they can once again fully engage with life. 

The authors explain that the majority of the population simply have no idea that in the United States, for example, the prevalence of chronic pain is double that of the number of people struggling with diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined and aside from the suffering it brings, the effects of chronic pain exact a tremendous cost on our country amounting to six billion dollars annually in health care costs, rehabilitation and lost worker productivity, as well as the emotional and financial burden it places on patients and their families.

They also point out that it’s more difficult to accurately determine the number of people suffering from severe stress worldwide because of the large discrepancy between various studies.  However, it is rapidly becoming apparent that worldwide, that extreme stress has begun to replace chronic pain as the major cause of disability.

It is these statistics that motivate Dr. Yuen and Marnie Greenberg to make the Yuen Method mainstream. “There is nothing miraculous about this method,” explains Dr. Yuen. “Nor do we refer to what we do as ‘healing.’ The word healing implies something extraordinary is taking place,” he continues.  The authors insist that what they are doing is very ORDINARY, EVERY-DAY STUFF, and their students seem to agree. The Yuen Method relies on locating the precise underlying subconscious and unconscious reasons/causes/sources that initially brought about the problem. The sources of any problem are termed “weaknesses,” which when discovered are then deleted on the spot, much as one deletes unwanted e-mails.

Dr. Yuen expounds, “While I would rather treat someone with a bladder infection or any other problem using the Yuen Method, I still understand the mindset of a person taking either the single dose or the three day dose version of say, Cipro,  because of the perceived convenience.” He adds, “However, if this bladder infection returns on a frequent basis, which is common for this particular problem, we know the ailment is not being properly handled.  In any type of reoccurring condition or in one that is has persisted for more than a two month period, it is vital to determine the true and consciously unknown precipitating causes, which are found not only on the physical level, but the mental and spiritual levels as well.”   

Marnie Greenberg explains, “Traditional medicine has for the most part ignored the mental and spiritual levels. To begin with, professionals aren’t able to accurately access the causes of illnesses/problems on these levels because they are deeply buried in the subconscious and unconscious minds and even were professionals able to locate these hidden sources, they wouldn’t know what to do with them.”  She continues, “The beauty of the Yuen Method rests in the simple steps it uses to delve into these areas, locate the underlying causes (weaknesses) of any life problem and although the conscious mind is rarely able to release any emotion or traumatic experience, etc. based on an intention to do so, and a deletion is far more than just a release or a letting go.  Yet anyone can be taught to do a deletion in five minutes or less.” 

The authors have effectively taught the Yuen Method to thousands. Some learn and use the system on themselves, their families and friends while others become certified practitioners and instructors, trading their careers for one that offers financial independence as well as the fulfillment that accompanies freeing others who have been held hostage by their chronic health problems. All manner of health care professionals as well as alternative practitioners have incorporated the method into their practices, especially when their specialty fails to produce complete and lasting results. The Yuen Method is currently practiced in over thirty countries and experiencing rapid expansion. The results speak for themselves.

Dr. Kam Yuen, aerospace engineer, chiropractor, best-selling author, lecturer and legendary 35th generation Grandmaster of Shaolin Kung-Fu, Tai Mantis Kung-Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi-Kung traces the origins of the technique to his childhood Shaolin martial arts training. He was always intuitively aware of an opponent’s energetic weaknesses and used them to his advantage.  Years later, when Dr. Yuen started Tai Mantis Kung Fu, the largest chain of martial arts schools in southern California, he Immediately realized his sense for detecting and using an opponent’s energetic weaknesses was as strong as ever, and it soon catapulted him to legendary fame as a martial artist, his face appearing on the cover of every major martial arts magazine.

As one of the country’s foremost martial arts experts, he was hired as technical advisor to the original Kung Fu television series, and thus was instrumental in bringing authentic Kung-Fu to the international audience. Eventually the Dr. Yuen teamed up with David Carridine to create the most successful Kung Fu and Tai Chi videos ever released.

When you follow the step -by -step program in Delete Pain and Stress on the Spot, you’ll discover that you can reclaim your health and well-being in a matter of seconds with such ease that the impossible will seem common place.  Upon completion of Delete Pain and Stress on the Spot, the authors say you will have experienced why there is no need for healing, meditating, the right strategy, visualization, affirmations, willpower, motivational thinking, hard work, drive, discipline, persistence, intention, total immersion in a system that has worked for others, self-control, removing energy blocks, going on a spiritual journey, passion, enthusiasm to manifest what you want, need or desire in life or to propel you to higher levels of consciousness– all, in their opinions, are outdated products of bygone eras. 

For readers who have given up seeking a complete and permanent resolution to any life problem or who have been forced to rely on coping and managing their pain/stress, the authors emphasize this book will be a seriously mind-opening experience.

Denise Wilson summed up the Yuen Method this way, “When I went into the room, as Marnie Greenberg spoke about her experiences with Dr. Yuen and their method, right before she introduced him, I felt a surge of energy go through my body.  Dr. Yuen told me that there was no need for me to be in pain, that there was no need for anyone to be in pain.  Dr. Yuen did what no one else could do. Several minutes of him working on me was all that it took. Thanks to Dr. Yuen and Yuen Method, I have no more pain, no more allergies.”

Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot will release on Tuesday, January 13, 2015. Visit the site.

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