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New Ride Share System in California for bikes increases business traffic, not street traffic

New Ride Share System in California for bikes increases business traffic, not street traffic bringing more traffic to businesses and less to the streets. brings more traffic to business and less to the streets with a bike ride share program. Think uber for bikes.

Public transportation is evolving away from serving society, to serving the consumer.

The most often cited problems of public transportation is that it does not go where or show up when the user really needs it.

“Many public transit systems, in whole or in part, are over or under used,” says Kustas Koiv, an international cycling business owner. “Peak hours are overcrowded, less safe; while low ridership creates financially hardships particularly in suburban areas.”

Modern cities were built under the assumption that automobiles would be small and limited to one per family—the demographics at the time the cities grew.

“While cycling and walking are two solutions, the infrastructure to support is in cities is not a priority,” he said. “Bikeep will face these legacy infrastructure problems through bike-share programs and tools.

“Bikeep is the ‘Uber’ of bicycles,” says Koiv, founder of, “It is a private market alternative to the problems of public transport. We make adding bicycle infrastructure to a city a source of revenue. Whether you are a business looking to encourage bike-traffic business, or a cyclist looking for a secure place to lock your bike while you shop, Bikeep is there for you.”

Bikeep stations can also serve as a charging station for electric bicycles.

Adding bicycling into ones routine instead of driving can be surprisingly efficient.

“Most urban trips are less than 10 blocks,” says Koiv, “When you think about it, bicycling is the perfect solution. You save money on gas, you don’t have the stress involved with driving, and it’s great exercise!”

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