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Couples-In-Love Book Launches Ahead of Valentine’s Day 2015

Couples-In-Love Book Launches Ahead of Valentine’s Day 2015

January 14, 2015 – Those Three Words has launched ahead of Valentine’s Day 2015, imparting photos and three-word combinations from various couples in love. The new book is authored by Jayson Woolley and aims to inspire people to find new meaning in the phrase “I love you”. 

The photography book features 24 couples who hail from all walks of life. Each couple chose three words to describe their love for one another, and those words are featured on their pages. Instead of saying “I love you”, each couple was challenged to find three other words that have a powerful meaning in their relationship. Woolley implores couples to spend time thinking of other ways to say “I love you” by asking them to explore three-word combinations that portray their relationship the most. “Whether your three word combination describes feelings of joy, struggle, or triumph, they are unique to you,” says Woolley. 

The inspirational book includes couples who are black, white, Jewish, Christian, old, young, homosexual, and heterosexual. Those Three Words shows audiences that love has no limits yet can be explained in just a few words, excluding the overused “I love you”. “Fortunately, there are over 250,000 words in the English dictionary. We have the power to search beyond the common expressions of love through exploration of less used language,” says Woolley. 

Those Three Words is currently available in paperback, making an excellent gift for spouses, significant others, and friends who are in relationships. While the book launched ahead of Valentine’s Day 2015, it can be purchased online at this time.

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