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New Level of Creativity in Mini-Architectural Design

New Level of Creativity in Mini-Architectural Design

Archiminima Structura – A Remarkable Miniature Castle Construction Set

Turnisce, Slovenia – Jan 15, 2015 – The Archiminima team, a group of miniature building enthusiasts, has transformed the common hobby of miniature architecture. They developed Archiminima Structura, which is a realistic stone-like building block set that creates beautiful and authentic castles. In order to produce the first set and bring those who love building miniature worlds the chance to work with quality building blocks, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Those who have built miniature worlds, understand the calming and relaxing effect it has after a long stressful day. People can lose themselves in building these miniature landscapes, while challenging their creative minds. Having a hobby such as this adds years to people’s lives and is a budget-friendly escape from daily stresses. This is what prompted Anna Sholomitskaya and her husband, Andrey Belokon, to create Archiminima Structura. They both have been in love with miniature architectural construction, they wanted to create something that everyone will enjoy.

Each set has stone-like building blocks that look and feel like stone to build medieval castles. The sets have realistic details such as machicolations, sturdy merlons,  lovely arches with keystones, beautiful staircases, typical medieval toilets, and some towers have housings for chain bridges. They are white, which allows users the options to paint over them any color they wish. The small studs on the blocks prevent them from sliding, and the buildings stay together due to gravity of the blocks weight. Individuals also have the option to glue them together using starch glue that can easily be washed off with water.

Currently, there are two types of structures. One includes complete stand-alone buildings, referred to as basic sets, and extension modules. These extension sets allow users to be more creative by designing larger structures like walls and towers to surround their castles. The most creative users may opt for a serious intellectual workout of designing their own structures from scratch using individual blocks. Unlike other building sets, Archiminima Structura blocks are uniquely designed (patented) so they can build octagonal and round towers, which add another dimension to any miniature architecture landscape. 

Archiminima Structura is compatible by scale with HO (1:87) model railways and 15 mm wargaming terrain. So the set can be a great new addition to many other miniature landscaping sets to allow people to create an entire universe right on their very own desk.

Their Kickstarter campaign goal is to raise £6,000 by February 5, 2015. This will pay for casting material, packaging and essential living expenses. All blocks are made by hand in their workshop in Slovenia to ensure quality. They already have a strong and smooth production process ready to manufacture five basic sets, which backers will receive as a thank you for their support based on the level of contribution. There are 40 Archiminima sets that have been designed so far, and contributors will get to choose which designs will be produced next.  

Make a contribution today to bring this incredible realistic miniature building set that the world will love.

About Archiminima Structura

Creator, Andrey Belokon has been enjoying building miniature landscapes all his life. It has been a lifelong dream to create a building set of stone castles and share his passion of architecture with the world. The first brick was created back in 2012. Since then, they have perfected the building process and found high standard material to go into each block. He will continue to build and design new castles so everyone can enjoy the fun experience of creating their very own miniature universe.

To view the castle manuals and designs, visit their website.

Watch the YouTube video of the Archiminima Structure construction set being built for “Tower 5×4”.

Media Contact
Company Name: Archiminima d.o.o.
Contact Person: Anna Sholomitskaya
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +386 70135276
Country: Slovenia


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