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Birdsall back in time with time-travel film At The Edge of Time

Birdsall back in time with time-travel film At The Edge of Time

Tracey Birdsall in At the Edge of Time
While Marty McFly attends his 30th birthday party, Tracey Birdsall will be taking his spot in the time machine.

With time-travel-centric science-fiction classic Back to the Future celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, it seems only fitting that a slew of fantastic new cinematic jaunts exploring that deliciously daunting but exciting leap into the time and space continuum are coming down the pipeline.

One of the more intriguing time-travel films due for release in 2015 is At the Edge of Time, produced by and starring genre veteran Tracey Birdsall.

Welcomingly ripping a page out of James Cameron’s Aliens, the film’s central character is an unstoppable female heroine (Birdsall) who will stop at nothing to intercept evil.

“It’s a fantastic Science Fiction time travel movie set in multiple realities, so it was insanely fun to film and the costumes were really a blast,” says the model turned actress, whose credits include Dawn of the Crescent Moon and TV’s Family Ties.

The film is one of several new science-fiction films Birdsall has due out over the next year, with Death Machine and Planet Crash also due for wide release.

“It’s nice to work in all genres if you can – and experience it all, but I think the cult following of horrors and sci-fi is the biggest advantage to an actor,” Birdsall said in a recent interview. “We love living the life of our roles, but having the movie seen by the masses and distributed is the ultimate goal which is much easier with indies in these genres.”

At the Edge of Time
is due for release later this year.

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