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Unique Notebook to keep up with your New Years resolutions to Inspire, Motivate, and Transform Everyone’s Lives

Unique Notebook to keep up with your New Years resolutions to Inspire, Motivate, and Transform Everyone’s Lives

Providing the Necessary Tools To Achieve The Goals and Dreams you set for 2015

Haarlem, Netherlands – Jan 17, 2014 – “My Book of Change”, is a unique limited edition notebook that encourages people to set aside necessary time to reflect on life, make changes, set goals, and plan how to achieve these goals. It is a simple guide that will help many realize their aspirations and bring the fuel of passion in their lives. The creator Marc de Vries is working together with former basketball player and now inspirational Italian Pop Artists, Aleandro Roncars, to release this incredible book to the world. To get the book printed, bounded, and distributed, they have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise capital to make this dream of theirs a reality.  

This “My Book of Change”, can help so many people in the world get on the right track and find a purpose for their lives again. Many people take on resolutions to change but are later on lost and have yet to figure out a plan of what they want to do or they might have too much on their plate and have no idea of which direction to turn. There are some who simply lack the organizational tools and skills to get their life together and this causes a great deal of precious time wasted. Even for those who have a plan figured out, but are having a hard time getting to that goal can benefit from this amazing book. No matter where an individual is in their life, this book will provide them with the necessary tools to do great things and achieve the level of success they always desired. 

A one-of-a-kind notebook is full of directions, hints, and tips to guide individuals on a healthy journey to help them grow and develop into person that will make a powerful contribution to society. It will take people from where they are now to the person they wish to become. The book will first begin tackling the most important step in making a positive change in someone’s life, what goals do they want to achieve? People are too busy to take time to examine these types of questions. Well, this notebook solves this and will identify important goal’s individuals want to achieve, while providing a solid action plan on how to get there. It is a small handy notebook with a hard cover that can fit in any purse, briefcase, or backpack and unique design cover created by Aleandro Roncars that conveys the impact “My Book of Change” will have on the world. 

As people transform their lives through this book, there is journal space to allow users to record important experiences, elaborate on their goals, and write about any pitfalls they may encounter to work through them more effectively. The book will evoke the right emotions out of people and inspire them to act now. For the final product that will be distributed and sold, will include a reflection book, effective dream and goal realizer, bound with the highest quality A5 hardcover and an inner pouch where people can include important notes and mementos of things they encounter along their epic journey.

The world lacks inspiration and motivation, it needs something like this to get people to go after their dreams and bring purpose into their lives. To make “My Book of Change” ready to be sold and distributed, they need to raise €15,000 by February 2nd, 2015. With crowdfunding campaigns, if they do not achieve this goal, then the project could take years to be fulfilled! Do not wait. Give people hope and guidance to achieve a goal, choose a new career path, or make a total life change. Spread the word and share this on social media sites to let the world know, there is a solution to achieving their dreams.

All backers will receive different versions of the book as a thank you for their support or a PDF version for €1 only. Make a contribution today!

Connect with “My Book of Change” on Instagram under #MyBookofChange for daily inspirational quotes and updates on their campaign. 

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Company Name: My Book of Change
Contact Person: Marc de Vries & Bryan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +971 56 258 95 11
Country: Netherlands


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