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The WitchBorn® — An Epic Game Revolutionizing Tabletop Miniatures Games

The WitchBorn® — An Epic Game Revolutionizing Tabletop Miniatures Games

The Adventures Never End

Glen Ellyn, IL – Jan 19, 2015 – The WitchBorn Corporation, an innovative web-publishing company out of Illinois, has created a new game that incorporates smart phone apps, unique rosters, and board game mechanics in a way that has never been done before. The WitchBorn® is a game of epic battles between war clans in a variety of exotic locales. Adventures focus on storytelling and the development of individual characters. To raise capital to fund the first production run, the company has started a Kickstarter campaign.

This fantasy game is intense, full of action between warriors and bloodthirsty WitchBorn. The WitchBorn is a game for 2-4 players. Players build their own war clans of 8 warriors from a wide-variety of characters such as Dwarves, Elves, Guild, Norn, Orcs, and Paladins. Each of the adventures features a smart phone app with unique encounters that add another dimension of storytelling that cannot be found in other tabletop miniatures games.

“Enter the world of The WitchBorn. The rules merge the best elements of tabletop skirmishes with the rich storytelling you only find in roleplaying games,” said creator Cory S. Kammer. “The lush background and impressive variety of encounters invite you to play the same adventures over and over again.” 

Cory Kammer loves roleplaying games (RPGs) and wanted to develop a tabletop miniatures game that was different from others already out there. All rules come as inexpensive PDF files that can easily be downloaded. A smart phone app takes the place of a game master, guiding players through random encounters. Now people can enjoy playing the game without needing to develop the perils and challenges their war clans face. All the work is done by the app!

The WitchBorn’s one-of-a-kind roster tracks warriors as they level up, so players can watch their characters develop into dominating heroes capable of surviving the dangerous obstacles the adventures provide. Players choose from hundreds of items to equip their war clans. Characters continue to advance and earn levels after meeting objectives and winning battles.

Lush battle maps add a variety of exotic environments to the game. These 46” x 39” maps are made from a high quality vinyl that rolls out flat, resists scratches, and can survive spills. 

Different starter sets are available with diverse settings, a variety of adventures, along with cool custom attack dice, and an assortment of fully adjustable war clan rosters. The Quick Start Guide, rules volumes, war clan rosters, and apps will be delivered to backers’ desktops digitally. Based on their level of contribution, backers are rewarded with exclusive war clan rosters, attack dice, special condition markers, free shipping, and much more!

All funds from the Kickstarter campaign will go towards printing the battle maps and packaging, with shipment in March 2015. If contributions exceed $20,000, all backers that pledge $75 or more will get a free copy of War Mage Diary. This 60+ page guide features excerpts from the private notes of one of the land’s greatest spellcasters. Players can learn battle magic to destroy WitchBorn, Vonnoh’s healing spells, and sample the dark arts. War clan rosters that backers have purchased will automatically expand to include mages and their trusty repertoires.

Hurry! Join this epic battle and show your support today! The campaign closes on February 9, so there is not much time left.

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Legal Notice: The WitchBorn® is a registered trademark and © 2015 by The WitchBorn Corporation


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