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Loop Cycle & Bicycles 4 Humanity Team Up to Change Lives

Loop Cycle & Bicycles 4 Humanity Team Up to Change Lives

Bringing Quality Transportation to Those Who Need It

San Francisco, CA – Jan 19, 2015 – In 2013, a group of Australians attended the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, USA. Burning Man Festival is such a large event; a temporary city is built in the middle of a desert. Folks who attend used low-quality bikes to get around. After the event, Lily McBride-Stephens, the Co-Founder of Loop Cycle was saddened to see the amount of bikes tossed out after the event. It is disheartening to think about how first-world countries simply toss out good transportation when those in third world countries would benefit greatly to have access to one. This prompted them to create the Loop Cycle Project, which is 70% complete. They have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise capital needed to finish the project and make a difference in the world. 

Loop Cycle has joined forces with Bicycles 4 Humanity, a grassroots organization that has been donating bikes to Africa since 2005, to figure out a way to bring these disposed bikes to those who need it out in Namibia, Africa.  For the many underprivileged residences in Namibia, they have to walk everywhere. They walk to get water, food, to get an education, or to receive proper healthcare. The gift of mobility to these people who have little to none access to public transportation is life-changing. A bike gives them access to education, employment, clean food, and fresh water.

The Loop Cycle project has produced Loop Bikes. These bikes are durable and sturdy, easy to maintain, and are made of heavy-duty steel frame so the bikes can be welded for repairs or adjustments. This allows individuals to add back racks to carry food and water easily or daybeds for healthcare workers. These bikes are then sold during the Burning Man Festival, which are later shipped out to Namibia so they can continue to influence the lives of those who need it out in Africa. It is a beautiful cycle that all started with a bike. First, people are able to enjoy themselves at a festival that promotes spirituality and renewal of the human mind. Then, the bike continues on a journey to the other side of the world to bring transportation to those who need it most. 

In September 2014, a container of bikes was shipped to Namibia, Africa. To complete the loop and create a rotation of giving and joy that never ends the team needs help to offer vital on ground support in Namibia to convert the shipping container into a community bike maintenance center and shop. They also plan on building a BMX track for physical recreational activity for the children, to support the local youth centers, and work with the community groups currently there. Along with helping the community, they plan to use a portion of the funds to film a short document on the project. This will spread to the world how impactful the gift of mobility can be and show the amazing work Bicycles 4 Humanity has achieved.

The campaign goal is to raise $15,000 by February 4th, 2015. Do not wait and make a contribution today at their IndieGoGo campaign. If they do not meet the campaign goal, the families out in Africa will have to wait longer to gain access to transportation. 

For those who are not able to donate, help by sharing this campaign on Facebook or Twitter. Spread the word about this and help bring more bikes to those who need it most! 

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