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Xtreme Cam Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Improve Their Mobile App

Xtreme Cam Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Improve Their Mobile App

To Bring A Breathtaking Experience With Their Affordable Action Cam

Fremont, CA – Jan 20, 2015 – People have been anticipating the completion of the XTREME Cam, and they have announced production has been completed in December 2014. Xtreme Cam is on track to ship the rewards and action cam to Kickstarter Backers in February and this affordable camera will be available for sale March 2015. To improve on the current mobile app so create a smoother connection between the camera and app, while adding extra features, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund these improvements. 

In the market today, leading action cams range from $500 to $600, which is too pricey. Creators of the Xtreme cam felt there needed to be a more cost-effective camera so everyone can have one of their own to capture all the beautiful moments in life. They not only developed a budget-friendly action cam, but they also made it sleeker, more compact, Wifi ready to make filming easy, and much cooler than the leading brands out there. With the same features as the expensive brands, this camera is priced a little over $100. Xtreme Cam is an ideal solution that everyone can enjoy. 

This incredible and innovative action cam can be used for anything! Whether users simply want to film something in their backyards, record an epic surfing or snowboarding video, sports game, or anything going on in their lives, they have an affordable option to capture moments in life and record daily triumphs. The cam itself is waterproof up to 30 meters to make it available to film water sports as well. 

They are always pushing to create more inventions to make life easier. That is why they need help from supporters to improve their current app. It currently has HD qualities that can view and edit instantly on the Xtreme cam mobile application. However, they want to refine the communication between the camera and the app to ensure a smooth experience. Evolve the Xtreme cam mobile app to add cool new filters so users have the option to do more creative editing and add new features on the camera itself. They plan to enhance the Wifi and add an SD card slot to ensure all footage is backed up and recorded in case the app is not able to capture it all.

This app will be available on any smart phone, mobile device, tablets, PC, and MAC. They already have 45% of the campaign funded. With 13 more days before the campaign closes, backers are offering their support to take advantage of the rewards for contribution.

Make a contribution today at their Kickstarter campaign.

All information about the campaign and details of the Xtreme Cam can be found at their website


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