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Local Marketing Expert Alex Changho Featured on National Martial Arts Podcast

Local Marketing Expert Alex Changho Featured on National Martial Arts Podcast

Local Marketing Expert Alex Changho was featured on the nationally distributed “Martial Arts Business Podcast” with host Michael Massie. Massie interviewed Changho to discuss the challenges of online marketing, and other alternatives.

Changho, who owned and operated his own martial arts academy for over ten years, discussed with Massie the state of the local business environment.  This affects not only martial arts schools, but any small business who has a target market of a few miles around their location.

As many businesses turn to digital or web-based marketing solutions, Changho emphasized the importance of diversification of marketing methods.

“While many business owners today are being sold on the idea that online marketing is the only way to go to grow your business, I have to disagree.  It is definitely a tool to utilize.  There are a lot of advantages to online marketing, especially when it comes to breadth of reach, and leveraging time,” explains Changho.

“However, with technology changing so quickly, one day you can find that your number one source of new customers is obsolete.  And these phases aren’t necessarily in terms of years… oftentimes there are months, possibly even weeks.  It’s important to hedge your marketing efforts with more traditional, ‘old-school’ tactics.”

These tactics include face-to-face marketing, relationship building with community organizations, attending booths and expos, or speaking engagements.

“If you want to be a local celebrity, the go-to authority for your industry in your town, you need to become an advocate and educator for your market.  If you want to build trust, teach your prospects, in an unbiased manner, how to be successful.”

Massie, a decades-long veteran of the martial arts industry and also provider of digital marketing solutions for businesses, agrees.  “If you focus on only one method of promoting your business, it becomes ‘marketing crack.’  You will want to automate several systems of getting customers, and also go out and shake hands in your community.”

The Martial Arts Business Podcast is available at iTunes and on Stitcher. 

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