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Reverse My Tinnitus Review Of Dr. James Phillips And Alan Watson’s Tinnitus Treatment Course Has Been Released

Reverse My Tinnitus Review Of Dr. James Phillips And Alan Watson’s Tinnitus Treatment Course Has Been Released

Alan Watson’s and Dr. James Phiilips’ tinnitus treatment course takes an innovative and unique approach to tinnitus treatment that has been purported to have effectively treated over 100,000 tinnitus sufferers.
Reverse My Tinnitus is an all-natural tinnitus treatment course developed by Alan Watson and Dr. James Philliips that promises to provide a safe and effective treatment for tinnitus. It has generated a lot of interest for its holistic, all-natural approach to tinnitus treatment. As a result, it has caught the attention of Michael Cross of, prompting him to do an investigative review.

“Reverse My Tinnitus caught my attention because it promises to effectively treat tinnitus, a potentially debilitating condition, using only all-natural, safe techniques,” says Cross. He adds, “Tinnitus is more than a mere nuisance. The intense ringing, buzzing and fatigue from the lack of sleep it causes can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Tinnitus impacts the lives of millions of people, so it’s absolutely worthy of reporting on when a new course of treatment comes along that promises to effectively treat it in a cost effective, safe and all-natural way. That’s why, when I first heard about Dr. James Phillips and Alan Watson and their new treatment course, I was eager to learn more and do a review for my readers.”

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“In researching this course,” reports Cross, “I learned quite a lot about tinnitus and how Watson and Dr. Phillips developed their treatment program.  Watson, a former sufferer of tinnitus, reached out to Dr. Philips, an ear-nose-and-throat specialist with twenty-five years experience, in order to find an effective treatment for his condition. Over the course of consultation, Watson learned a lot about his condition.  For example, he learned that damage to the myelin sheath around nerve cells in the ear can alter hearing. He also learned that a certain antibody could repair the myelin sheath, which has been shown to reverse the symptoms of tinnitus. Dr. Phillips provided Watson with a list of foods containing compounds that would allow the body to produce the antibodies needed to repair the myelin sheath. According to Watson, through a process of trial and error, he developed various dosages and combinations of the foods containing the compounds and within a short amount of time his tinnitus symptoms completely disappeared.”

When users sign up for the program, they are taken to a “members-only” area where they gain access to and download the treatment guidebook. The guide contains a comprehensive list of foods that contain the compounds and antibodies needed for remyelination, or myelin sheath repair, and the exact combinations and dosage required. There are also two bonus features, Tinnitus Sleep Solution and Tinnitus Stress Soothers. The First bonus focuses on four steps to having a successful sleep strategy. The second bonus is designed to guide the user through techniques on how to reduce stress in just a couple of minutes.  

Click here to go to the Reverse My Tinnitus website.

“We were quite impressed with Dr. Phillips’ and Watson’s tinnitus treatment course,” says Cross.  “Our full review explains that we were particularly impressed with how this all-natural course of treatment is so easy to implement since all of the ingredients necessary to initiate treatment are available at your local supermarket. In the end, if you’re suffering from tinnitus and you’re looking for effective courses of treatment, we would recommend looking into Reverse My Tinnitus to see if it’s right for you.”

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You can access Michael’s complete Reverse My Tinnitus review here.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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