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Author Yossi Porat Announces Release of New eBook

Author Yossi Porat Announces Release of New eBook

‘Screwed Mind’ Is An Action Packed and Engaging Espionage Thriller.

Jan 22, 2015 – In a world where technology separates the haves from the have nots, an unlikely duo is lured into the seductive snares of technology gone awry. That’s what the new novel by Yossi Porat ‘Screwed Mind‘ ( sets about to explore.  ‘Screwed Mind’ is now available in eBook on fo $6.99.

The book promises the reader a riveting reading experience.  With the nature of spying these days, one is left wondering who is spying on whom. The book’s characters are lured into a technological trap, rife with dire consequences, and those selected find themselves trapped in a whirlwind of intrigue, desire, and international adventure, not meant for the faint of heart.

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Porat an expert on business and business strategy, is a Hi tech entrepreneur, and that technical knowledge is easily seen throughout the book’s thorough attention to technical detail.  Porat served as a Tank commander in the IDF, founder and leader of a strategic team  reporting directly to the IDF’s chief of staff, so he also knows a bit about international intrigue.

“One of the secret ingredients of this intriguing thriller is the number of characters well developed throughout the entire book and as well the insightful overview of intelligence services around the world,” stated reviewer, Agatha Miller. “A cross the border adventure set involving Israeli agents, Saudi sheikhs, police officers and subjects of interest represented by Deborah and Morris. An intense thriller, sexy at times, with unexpected twists and turns. The novel mixes technology, sex, crime, adventure, espionage and international secret services in a very interesting read.”

The main plot involves Andrew and Adam, childhood friends, who are partners in an innovative London start-up that is developing a system for controlling people using the transmission of sound waves from a cellular phone straight into their brains. The start-up can activate people for various ‘assignments’ for which they then completely forget all knowledge. Success will bring the two partners to the heights of international power and wealth.

The new technology is now in the Beta stage of practical developmental testing, when it is found that it does not work as smoothly as it should. How much harm could it cause to all the people involved? Can it possibly kill them?  For $6.99, one can easily find out all the answers and become engaged in the intrigue.

Porat is an author of three previously successful non-fiction books on marketing. He is a fluent, exciting writer.

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