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Leadership Training: The Developmental Leadership Program (DLP) conducted by INNOVA Group out of Raleigh, NC is a top rated leadership course for executive or senior level managers

Leadership Training: The Developmental Leadership Program (DLP) conducted by INNOVA Group out of Raleigh, NC is a top rated leadership course for executive or senior level managers

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INNOVA Group is a 30 year old business consulting firm based in Raleigh, NC specializing in Business Enterprise Leadership and Governance Improvement, Project/Process Training Certification, and Organization Development. Their Developmental Leadership Program (DLP) is one of the nation’s top rated leadership training programs in the country.

Established in 1986, INNOVA Group specializes in working with managers and emerging leaders as they change corporate cultures, install new management processes, apply project management tools and techniques, and implement business strategies. INNOVA’s training and consulting services provide practical management ideas, tools and techniques that focus, energize and enable organizational stakeholders to be high performers. Their primary focus is to support managers in enhancing workplace potential for making work interesting, profitable and exciting. They provide products and services that enable managers to develop and sustain high performance work environments which contribute not only to corporate profitability, but to the self-image and personal growth of all organizational members.

Program Focus

Program participants review how global marketplaces influences define 21st century organization design and leadership requirements. They explore why Developmental Leadership is “the leadership imperative” for the 21st century and develop the insights, confidence and energy needed to implement organizational and personal change. Participants depart the program reenergized with the knowledge to develop and sustain power and influence through the use of psychological contracting, learning strategies and systems management methods and techniques.

View an overview of the Developmental Leadership Program here.

Program Objectives

• Clarify the organizational and leadership challenges that leaders face in the 21st century

• Analyze and define Developmental Leadership

• Identify personal strengths and challenges in using learning to influence others

• Develop a personal power and influence strategy for facilitating learning and achieving potential

• Create a personal renewal and commitment to lead and manage change

• Clarify how leadership effectiveness can be continually measured and enhanced

• Design a strategy for developing learning organizations that compete by learning with customers faster than the competition

Program Features

Leadership development is a personal learning journey. To embrace this reality, attendance in the program is limited to 16 – 18 people, thus allowing participants the benefit of small group and individual learning activities. Leadership development is also interactive, not reactive. During this program, a variety of learning methods are used to involve and educate:

• Individualized coaching and counseling sessions

• Self-directed learning experiences and reviews

• 360 degree leadership and management assessments and feedback

• Learning style assessment and feedback

• Case study examination and analysis

• Computer-guided group surveys and large group discussions

• Hands-on problem solving exercises

• Learning teams (maximum of 6 – 7 people per team)

• Round-table discussions of business applications

• Team building and group recreation experiences

• Follow-up after the program by personal learning coach

Program Benefits

At the conclusion of the program, participants will possess a greater understanding of how marketplace dynamics can be translated into a competitive advantage through the provision of Developmental Leadership. Participants depart the program knowing how their leadership facilitates or restricts learning and growth. Benefits of the program include but are not limited to:

• An understanding of how Developmental Leadership is important to 21st century business success

• A personal leadership strategy for enhancing power and influence

• A sense of renewal and confidence in leading and managing change

• A methodology for measuring and renewing leadership effectiveness

• A strategy for developing and managing learning organizations.

Program Participants

The participants for this program are generally executive or senior level managers, business unit directors, and key support staff in charge of leading and managing organizational change.


“INNOVA’s Developmental Leadership Program is an excellent opportunity for a new or seasoned leader to sharpen and renew their leadership skills. This program offers a new and challenging paradigm of how creating a learning culture through Developmental Leadership. It promotes organizations to grow faster than their competition.” 
— Joe Puzo, PALL

“When you explore “the model”, it’s different than any other model. The application has so many implications.” 
— Deborah Battista, Vice President, Zion’s Bancorporation

“I was very impressed with the skill, presentation, sensitivity and depth of knowledge of all the INNOVA professionals. Very enlightening – thank you.” 
— Corey A. Jordan, Vice President, American River International

“This program is dynamic and the well-timed management approach was key in order to cover all developmental aspects needed as a leader in a growing organization.”

– Aixa Baerrios, Operations Senior Manager, Janssen Ortho, LLC

INNOVA Group is a business consulting firm, in business since 1986, specializing in Business Enterprise Leadership and Governance Improvement, Project/Process Training Certification, and Organization Development. | [email protected] | 919-792-3968


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