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Free Flipbook Creator Now Available at for Converting PDF to Flash Flipbook

Free Flipbook Creator Now Available at for Converting PDF to Flash Flipbook

AnyFlip Software Co. has announced the launch of its official website recently. It specializes in providing publishers with Flash & HTML5 free flipbook creator.

Reading has never gone out of style. With innovative new ways of providing literature digitally, there is a need for digital readers to emulate the real world feel of an actual book. The creators of AnyFlip managed to achieve just that.

AnyFlip is an interactive Book publishing platform that is compatible with PC, Mac, tablets or mobile. It provides free flipbook creator for online and offline usage.

In addition to books, the diversity of the product has allowed users to showcase their work in unique ways. From newsletters, catalogues, magazines to reports and portfolios, AnyFlip is being used by individuals and businesses alike to deliver content in a professional way. While the product has only been recently released, it has managed to garner much success as is evident by customer reviews.

Kate from the USA states, “I need to do a lot of presentations to my customers for Business, I needn’t worry about the problem of compatibility anymore.” Other users of the software were of the same view considering it the ultimate publishing solution because of the versatility it provides.

The reason for this success is the level of user-friendliness provided by the software. It can convert PDF to flash flipbook that is HTML-based with interactive effect. In addition to ease of use, the software also allows custom design, logo placement, selection of background, and color scheme for personalized branding.

Once the groundwork is complete, the user can even add multimedia elements to the content and then embed it to their website.

Those not familiar with code will be pleased to know that AnyFlip plug-ins for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal will embed realistic flipbooks to sites with a few simple clicks.

The user friendly aspect even translates on the consumption side as readers on websites with embedded AnyFlip books will have the ability to make notes and create bookmarks for a personalized experience.

Not only does AnyFlip provide a realistic reading experience but it also enhances it. Making the best of what the virtual world has to offer, it has the ability to create an ambience by adding music to support the content. Videos can even be embedded within pages.

About AnyFlip

AnyFlip is an interactive publishing platform based in Hong Kong, China. In addition to digital publishing, AnyFlip also offers other cost effective utilities and software to cater to small businesses.

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