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Boston Charity Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Mobile Clinic To Deliver Healthcare To Rural Communities In Uganda

Boston Charity Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Mobile Clinic To Deliver Healthcare To Rural Communities In Uganda

Jan 30, 2015 – USA/Uganda – Registered US charity Ggwanga Mujje, Boston Chapter, has just launched a crowd-sourced funding campaign ( to purchase and operate a Mobile Health Van Clinic in rural Uganda (within the Kingdom of Buganda).

This medical centre on wheels will reach people in remote areas where currently there is no access to health care centres or hospitals. Many find it hard to believe that often when many Ugandans need medical care, the nearest hospital could be an 80 km walk. The Van will provide primary healthcare services. The Kingdom of Buganda has about 10 million people (almost a third of Uganda’s population). The majority live in poverty and in rural villages making health care access difficult.

The campaign site explains, Ggwanga Mujje refers to a drum beat in Buganda sounded to call people throughout the Kingdom to work together for the betterment of their communities. This drum beat was often sounded in difficult times to help resolve an ongoing crisis.” There is a crisis in Uganda today as far as health care is concerned. The people behind Ggwanga Mujje Boston* have turned to global crowdsourced funding to raise at least $300,000 (US). The campaign is hosted by Indiegogo at The funds raised will enable them to purchase a mobile medical clinic (van) and provide a vital health services link for impoverished rural communities in Buganda.

Ggwanga Mujje is deeply committed to rebuilding the health care system and a mobile health unit will literally go a long way to helping many people. The country is recovering after years under a harsh dictatorship and there is an immediate need for preventative health care services to reach those living in the Kingdom of Buganda (the Central region of Uganda). Rural villages have limited or no access to primary health services. Uganda’s life expectancy is one of the lowest in the world. One in every 200 births still ends the mother’s life. In Uganda, on average Malaria claims the lives of 320 people daily – mostly children under 5 years old. The help of caring people is crucial.

The Mobile Health Van Clinic will help to provide front-line education to stem the tide of diseases like Ebola. The clinic will provide information on HIV/AIDs, reproductive health, common diseases like Malaria and other parasitic infections. Health education will include pamphlets and other sources of information that people can use to make an immediate difference. The mobile van staff will be able to provide dental exams and even mental health counselling.

The Mobile Health Van project is dedicated to properly using every dollar, so there will not be costly gifts in return for donations since the bulk of the funds are needed to make this project a reality. However, contributions of $1,500 USD will receive a certificate of recognition signed by the Prime Minister of the Buganda Kingdom. Donations of $500 or more receive a certificate to become an honorary inductee into one of the clans of Buganda.

Ggwanga Mujje is asking every one who can to donate, and if not to share the links to let as many people know as possible.

*Ggwanga Mujje Boston Chapter is a Non-Profit 501 C(3) organization.

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