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Innovative Smoking Shot Glass System Improves the Drinking Experience

Innovative Smoking Shot Glass System Improves the Drinking Experience

Breakthrough System is Safe and Simple to Use

Liberty, Missouri – Jan 30, 2015 – After twelve years of research and development, Peter Nielsen created Vapor Cups Inc., a smoking shot glass system. It is the first ever vapor cups with a unique patented system that makes smoking drinks using liquid CO2. It can be put into any kind of cocktail or shot glass. He finished developing the final prototype and has created an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund manufacturing and distribution.

Drinking from a cool smoky glass is growing in popularity. It is one of the most photographed drinks on the market. Prominent nightclubs and bars use them to enhance the customer experience that is more memorable and enjoyable. It was also featured at the Playboy mansion parties. The attractive smoky effect added to a drink makes it taste so much better and can bring in more customers. Now there is a better way to bring this effect. Vapor Cups Inc., is a cost-effective and profitable system for businesses because they can upsell or as add-on sales. Not only is this a great addition to businesses, but also to enhance guest experiences at events or parties.

The way the smoking shot glass system works is dry ice snow is injected directly into the bottom compartment of the cup. By separating it in its own compartment, individuals can safely pour and drink any beverage they want. The moment the drink comes in contact with the dry ice it releases vapor into the air to create the smoke and also chill the drink.

Never before has there been such an easy and simply way to create cool smoky drinks. Individuals who want to create this themselves would only need to buy the vapor cup adapter that attaches to the soda stream CO2 tank. When the tank is inverted liquid CO2 is converted to dry ice powder. People can buy the CO2 tanks at Wal-Mart or Target at a fairly low cost. Using this patented technology, the dry ice will be injected into the cup so people no longer have to manually handle dry ice. This is a much faster and simpler way to create the beautiful smoky glass. 

With a unique chill chamber to store the dry ice in the glass people do not need to dispose of the dry ice after using it, which makes it a great item to have in any bar or nightclub. By offering smoky glasses provides an unforgettable WOW factor to make people remember the business and want to come back. Also, individuals who want to throw an epic party can add this to entertain guests. With this one adapter that costs only $19.95, it can improve anyone’s drinking experience and bring it to a completely different level.

So far Peter has funded the entire project to research and develop the final prototype. However, he needs help to buy the right tooling and place minimum production orders to keep the project going. For those who want to see this incredible system available in the market, make a contribution today at their IndieGoGo campaign. The goal is to reach $100,000 by March 26, 2015. Do not wait any longer and buy a smoky shot glass system today!

To show appreciation for the support, backers will receive great rewards. Anyone who contributes more than $20 will receive the complete system, which has the adapter and 20 reusable shot glasses. 


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