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New crowd-funding campaign aims to raise funds for 22 years old who suffers from muscular dystrophy – How you can get involved!

New crowd-funding campaign aims to raise funds for 22 years old who suffers from muscular dystrophy – How you can get involved!

April 14, 2015 – Kayed was born with a genetic disorder, muscular dystrophy, a congenital wasting disease that progressively weakens and deteriorates the body. He also has recently contracted pneumonia. However, in spite of his condition, Kayed continues to persevere, dreaming of travelling through the world and experiencing what life has to offer. He also wants to find a job and be able to support his family, knowing all they’ve done to support him, a noble goal that requires him to finish his education.

Even though his condition had taken his mobility, he used to go to university with the help of a wheelchair. Unfortunately, his condition took a turn for the worse and his lungs began to fail, forcing him to rely upon oxygen equipment in order to breathe and to have water removed from his lungs several times per day to prevent him from choking. He had to abandon his education because the only way he can go outside his house is using costly bottles of oxygen that do not last very long, making even short trips difficult to arrange and prohibitively expensive.

At home, a constant electricity supply is required to keep Kayed alive, which is a source of concern living in occupied Palestine and expensive, costing £558 per month, by itself above the average monthly income of £500 in the area. His family, however, remains supportive. His father works on a building site and his mother stays at home to care for Kayed. His brother Nadji suffers from the same condition.

The objective of the campaign is to give Kayed a portable, battery-powered oxygen concentrator. Unlike the oxygen bottles he currently uses, an oxygen concentrator would not need to be refilled: it would use the surrounding air to create the oxygen-rich air supply that Kayed needs to breathe to live. Most importantly, a mobile oxygen concentrator would give Kayed the freedom not to depend on his parents for everything, the freedom to leave his house without worrying he will run out of oxygen, the freedom to pursue his dreams and be able to experience a normal life. Essentially it would breathe new life into him.

Christian Kraatz, the man behind HELP KAYED, has previously raised enough money to purchase a laptop for Kayed, which at the moment is his only window to the outside world. His goal now is to let him experience that world, to let him, as it were, to breathe it in.

The fundraiser is hosted at Indiegogo and ends on April 30th. All the proceeds will go towards buying the equipment. Kayed needs and any extra money raised will go to an emergency fund that Kayed’s parents can use for medical bills.

For more details visit the indiegogo campaign using the link below:

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