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W12 Conferenes – Video Conferencing is a Valued Tool but is underutilised

W12 Conferenes – Video Conferencing is a Valued Tool but is underutilised

Video conferencing equipment is widely available yet many businesses are not taking advantage of it

14 April 2015 – United Kingdom – Polycom found that 90% of those who regularly use video conferencing experience a higher productivity and improved teamwork as well as financial savings. Unsurprisingly it is highly valued by many businesses that utilise it effectively.

Tony Steedman from W12 Conferences said that “while many businesses make the most out of video conferencing, others don’t use it at all mainly because they are unsure of the benefits or how to get the most out of it.”

Many of the respondents of the PolyCom study listed saving time as the key benefit to video conferencing. Mr Steedman said that “face-to-face meetings are invaluable however it is not always possible to get everyone in the same place at the same time due to busy work schedules. Hiring a meeting room with video conference capabilities is a sensible solution as it allows companies to get things done.”

Rob Bamforth, Principal Analyst at Quocirca, a research company, said that “much of the thinking that video conferencing [equipment] is hard to use is based on a combination of perceptions from older hardware (which was harder to use) and mostly a lack in confidence stemming from infrequent use. There is a lot of hesitation when it comes to video conferencing.  It has almost been self-fulfilling. These perceptions are more prevalent in those who have been working for some time and have perhaps experienced the older systems.” He went on to say, “Unfortunately the potentially more tech-receptive digital natives, despite being frequent consumer users of video, are often excluded from regular business use when organisations have only deployed it for senior staff. Regular use, by all levels and in all locations is a much more healthy usage paradigm for video, just like it was for the fixed and mobile phones before.”

Many younger workers utilise video conferencing with the survey finding 45% of end users will regularly use their mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The problem with this though is that the quality tends to be poor.

Tony Steedman from W12 said that “more people are asking for video conferencing equipment as they are feeling more confident with it and we expect this trend to continue.” 

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