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The best-selling author announces new book titled “Throne of the Werewolf”

The best-selling author announces new book titled “Throne of the Werewolf”

April 15, 2015 – The best-selling author, Warren Smith, known for “Ain’t no Love trilogy”, “Bane Jackson: The nightmare begins” and “Burning Bridges: A thug love story”, has released a new book – Throne of the Werewolf. His newest book is about protagonist Antoine Leblanc that was born to a rare species of Lycanthropes – a power hungry and blood thirsty species. This is the first book of the series.

The species of Lycanthrope are known for more than only being power hungry and blood thirsty. The people who are born to this rare and special species are able to transform from human to man-wolf and to full blown werewolf. Outside this, the people who are Lycanthropes can also absorb the life force from whoever they kill.

The protagonist’s mother, Lisette LeBlanc, was changed by Gebriel Fouche. In the search for the ultimate power of 3-forms, the other name for Lycanthrope, the people usually try to kill one another to absorb them, to become stronger and stronger. The mother, Lisette, has been hiding to avoid being killed. Here under is an extract from the book:

“A few minutes had passed and the first signs of the change had begun. Antoine screamed in agony as his body began to stretch and twist. He fell to the floor in the fetal position as he listened to nearly every bone in his body break; it seemed to take ages just for his legs to begin to reform. His screams turned into blood curling howls of pain that only got worse when his spine began to snap repeatedly. Antoine attempted to push himself up using his arms, but then they too broke in three places and he fell flat on his face. Eventually in time his tolerance for pain would become so great that he wouldn’t even feel the change, but for now those days were a long time away. Antoine’s teeth began to fall out two and three at a time as his razor sharp fangs bullied their way through his gums. Finally, his change was complete and he lay on the floor exhausted like a wounded animal with his eyes closed and breathing heavily.”

This absolutely thrilling book was written by the author of five successful urban fiction novels, and all of his books have landed on the Amazon bestseller list for books. In this novel the author, Warren Smith, has shown that he is versatile and certainly capable to land another best-selling book. This book is now available on Amazon.

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