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Women on top: A song inspired by the power of women

Women on top: A song inspired by the power of women

April 16, 2015 – Women are human beings that are superior in many ways. They are the epitome of beauty, grace and strength. The very reason we exists. There are many quotes about women and some of it is, that behind every man’s success is a woman. More often than not women have been the ultimate driving force behind every man. And for mothers, they are the light and guide of the family. Behind all the accomplishments of women one of the best ways to celebrate them is through a beautiful song that represents how women are looked up unto.

“You” is a song co-written by Dion Hargrave featuring JChris. A campaign spurred from a precious inspiration that gives light into something that should be massively renowned. A song about women and how they continually give strength to the people around them. This was started to spread the word about women and how it can give them hope to not be afraid to do and be what they want. A simple yet meaningful idea that threads deep into the heart of both men and women. This song promotes self-confidence to never be a person that you are not. A project, which started for a good cause, has been growing and still needs to reach more people around the world.

This campaign constantly needs your assistance. It is the way to help open the eyes of viewers everywhere that women are meant to be the ones to be talked and even sing about. To further develop the song for women, backups from any person who believes in the cause are essential. By giving such as this, artists will be able to freely and consistently express themselves easier without limitations and restrictions. With hopes of getting this campaign completed, this project will be bought into its true life by showcasing a lyric music video that has a totally different concept compared to common lyric videos.

This video is planned to not only show the lyrics but also incorporate motion pictures that represent what the song is all about. The planned lyric video will be something worth watching, listening and putting into heart. Assistance will mean a lot not only for the artist but also for the main subject on the song, which are the women. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an instrument to promote something that is worthy. To be a part of this campaign is a big deal because women are always worth everything and anything. For more details visit:

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