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James C. Nyemah announces new book titled “Where Is God?”

James C. Nyemah announces new book titled “Where Is God?”

Rev. James C. Nyemah is a great Liberian pastor, who out of love for God and people, opened a church in Arizona and preaches the word of God. His merits do not stop there. Over the years, James collaborated with several humanitarian agencies to help people and conducted many leadership conferences for pastors and community. He is also involved in community development and supports various educational projects. Today we have the honor to present his first book published in Arizona, USA – “Where Is God?” The book tries to provide an answer to the eternal question of humanity where is God when we need him.

In the book “Where is God?” the author tackles questions that nobody dares to tell aloud. If we are honest with ourselves, we recognize that we have doubts about God. Why does God allow so much suffering and trouble? We trust in his promises, but we reap wind. We seek his face, but we don’t find him. Is he there? Does he care about us? In his book, James Nyemah ensures that God exists and cares about us. Without minimizing the reality of pain and disillusionment, Nyemah tells us that God does not disappoint us, but our unrealistic expectations does.

The book Where is God? removes the wrong image we have about God and helps us understand how he sees us, what he wants from us and what he wants to give us. In this book, Nyemah discusses questions that bother us in the deepest corners of the heart and end with the firm conviction that love is real, strong and is given to us in order to believe in it now and forever.

The book is available on sites like Amazon, Kindle,Barnes and Noble and Kobo but also in several online bookstores. “Where Is God?” is a message meant to help people understand the divine message and is an international success.This book is on American Airlines, United, Air France, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines. It comes in LARGE print, soft cover and eBook. 

Book Details

Title: Where is God?
James C. Nyemah
ISBN: 978-1611022292


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