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Make vehicle etiquette education fun with the Backseat Pledge

Make vehicle etiquette education fun with the Backseat Pledge

April 21, 2015 – American parents who have had enough of paying exorbitant fees to have their cars’ backseats cleaned after the kids’ mess can now look forward to a cleaner car. There will be fewer trips to the car wash and less money or time spent cleaning up the car. How can this be achieved? It is pretty simple; teaching kids how to take responsibility and not to make a mess of the car while they are in the back seat.

Pledging for vehicle etiquette

Bentley Brandon’s Backseat Pledge has been received on quite a positive tone. It is one campaign that will ensure that children are safe while in the car, the car itself is safe from disturbing messes and the parents can also drive safely. Teaching children vehicle etiquette does not sound like such a simple task. Children are different and thus it might take a good amount of time to get them to behave appropriately while they are in the car.

The Backseat Pledge was launched to enable parents to save money by teaching the children what they ought to do and what ought not to be done while in the car. It does not matter how old the children are, they can be taught how to take responsibility for auto care. Simple rules like no eating or drinking while the car is moving are might prevent those accidents that leave ugly messes and awful smells in the car.

This campaign is designed to help parents and their children enjoy learning about vehicle etiquette. The parents to enjoy the peace of mind that they are so much looking for while the children learn how to be more responsible. The family’s riding experience will be fun aside from being safe. Furthermore, children get to learn from an early age various things concerning vehicles such as the parts and expectations for young riders.

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