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How to clean the corrosion metal arcade coins and tokens?

How to clean the corrosion metal arcade coins and tokens?

April 23, 2015 – America – Depending on the different materials for the arcade coins, the cleaning processes for them will be different. 

The general steel coins can be cleaned by using the weak acids and bases liquid and the other liquids could not be recommended. This is because the weak acids and bases could only clean the surface temporary. For those arcade tokens which are made of materials such as copper, nickel, aluminum and others. Those weak acid and bases liquids will let their surface become so bad and ugly.

On the other hand, some people also recommend the commonly method which is the using for detergent or soap or just boiling it by boiling water. However, those methods sometimes do not have satisfied effect.

Now, the following description from famous arcade spares online supplier will tell people comprehensive methods for the arcade tokens and coins cleaning.

If you find that the surface of the metal arcade tokens is oxidized and it becomes dark and company with dirty. People could use the liquid which mixed with blisters to clean them first and then scrub them with the soft cloth. This process can be repeated several times to achieve the enough effect.

If the oxidized and dirtied situation for its surface is more serious, people could clean its surface by the special coin brush which could help to remove dirt and oxide layer and then restore its true colors.

For those arcade coins which only have very little surface oxide layer and micro dust. They can be rubbed into cleaning condition by the generally used rubber.

If the situation of dirt is serious enough and all methods above could not play the good effect, please first soak those coins into dilute hydrochloric acid for few minutes and then soak them into alkali blisters and then wash them with water.

After cleaning those arcade game parts and coins, please let them dry by using the dry soft cloth. On the other hand, you could also directly purchase new one in case than your old coins is dusty or dirtied hardly. The online supplier will supplies with you all kinds of those tokens and coins as well as those arcade spares.

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