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The photo canvas is the god integration for photo and oil canvas

The photo canvas is the god integration for photo and oil canvas

April 24, 2015 – America – Throughout art history, there is no photo which could take replaces the good realist photo canvas. As we all know, the camera picture is one kind of mechanical copy and the image in it was got by very casual mind. However, the people’s work would not like this. People painting have integrated into their own emotions and requirements for techniques but also has the purpose of creation, which have very different points with photography. In addition, the camera photos that have been taken from hundredths of a second or thousandths of a second could not be compared with the photo canvas that pass through the observing, creativity, controlling, performing of artists’ work.

Manifested by artists, the canvas printing will have its own aesthetic. We can see that with the introduction of the photo the painting has been push to go by photo step by step. On the other hand, the photography has very strong social function and this function is very good for commercial development such as recording the image of the scene. However, the painters could not achieve this effect. But, the painting such as photo canvas has its own feature and the artistry is its inherent one. This is the main reason why most of people prefer to choose the photo canvas which could be regarded as the combination of photo and oil painting.

Since modernism especially after the impressionist era, there was no one western oil painter who could think about the problem that the photography will replace the oil painting. Now, there are mainly two problems about. First, there are a lot of artists who prefer to directly copy the photo to create their paintings and their finished work is still a photo. This is a very serious problem. In fact, the using of the photo is not the fresh problem. It is important that the Impressionist painter such as Edgar Degas also borrowed photos to create his work but photos can not borrow or later painted a picture. Second, the painting has been removed its record function and this function has been totally replaced by photo. Now, the photo canvas should become the better integration for the function of photo and oil painting. It could not only give people new feeling for recording their life story but also could help to show with people the newly artistry feeling.

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