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Free Estimates and Top-Notch Results from a Skilled Masonry Contractor in Pittsburgh

Free Estimates and Top-Notch Results from a Skilled Masonry Contractor in Pittsburgh

Mariani & Richards, Inc. is a most trusted local masonry contractor in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area for a wide variety of masonry work. The company does everything from concrete building restoration and brick replacement to basement waterproofing.

Homeowners and business owners can count on Mariani & Richards, Inc. for professional-grade masonry services in Pittsburgh of every kind. They maintain very competitive rates on their services and the results of their work are always top quality. Customers would be hard pressed to find a better value on masonry services, such as concrete repairs, caulking, and tuck pointing anywhere else. They are also currently offering a 25-year warranty on basement waterproofing services.

Waterproofing is a smart choice for anyone that owns a home with a basement. Water can seep into a basement gradually, making the problem virtually undetectable until the basement begins to exhibit signs of damage. Mold formation, puddles of water, and stains on the wall are the most common signs of water damage. Mariani & Richards, Inc. can completely waterproof a basement so that it is no longer at risk of water damage even when there is heavy rainfall outside.

In addition to waterproofing, caulking is also a worthwhile service that can help prevent damage from occurring in the future. Concrete buildings depend on caulking to keep the joints of the structure held together. Over time, this caulking begins to wear away. Mariani & Richards, Inc. can reapply the caulking to restore the structural integrity of a concrete building. If a customer building is not sure whether caulking is necessary for a building, Mariani & Richards, Inc can perform a thorough inspection and give them a detailed report about the building’s condition.

Those in need of brick and stone replacement can also depend on Mariani & Richards, Inc. for expert masonry work with seamless results. Their skilled artisans first create a plan that details safest and most effective way to carefully remove all the damaged bricks and stones. For more than 65 years, Mariani & Richards, Inc has helped maintain brick and stone structures of every kind, allowing them to stand tall and remain sturdy for decades to come.

Call (412) 564-4738 to request a free estimate on masonry work from Mariani & Richards, Inc.

They serve clients throughout Pittsburgh, Washington, Aspinwall, Canonsburg, Cranberry, Mt. Lebanon and Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.

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