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Kevin Sorbo and Arrowstorm Ask Fans to Help Complete the Fantasy Film ‘Mythica 2’ Visual Effects

Kevin Sorbo and Arrowstorm Ask Fans to Help Complete the Fantasy Film ‘Mythica 2’ Visual Effects

Kevin Sorbo, fantasy film star, asks fans for help with newest film.
The filming is done for “Mythica 2,” but the sound, music, and visual effects (VFX) are still underway, and fans are being asked by the star Kevin Sorbo – known for Hercules and Andromeda – to help.

Provo, Utah – Arrowstorm has already proved to fantasy film fans with “Mythica 1: A Quest for Heroes” that they can make a high quality fantasy film worth seeing.

Now “Mythica 2: The Dark Spore” is nearing completion, and fans are being asked to help get it done – not with donations but with advance purchases at

“We’re not looking for charity, we’re looking for an early sales venue – that’s why our rewards reflect fair market value. Don’t think of it as a donation, think of it as a pre-purchase. If you want to see this film, buy it now through Kickstarter – you’ll probably get a better deal from us than from whatever retailer ends up selling it in your country, and you’ll help make our film better,” explained Jason Faller, Arrowstorm executive producer.

For those who have not seen Mythica 1 yet, it can be purchased or viewed online. Just go to or to check it out. Most viewers say they can hardly wait to see the next film in the series, and now it is possible to pre-purchase a copy of “Mythica 2” through the Kickstarter campaign.

Kevin Sorbo – fantasy film icon, and star of the entire Mythica series – was asked in an interview for “Geek Dad” how he felt about the outpouring of support for the Kickstarter success of “Mythica 1” and what he recommends for the current campaign for “Mythica 2.”

“What can I say, but many thanks for the support. The way the system is set up, mixed with the economy, it is tough to raise money for independent movies. Bringing the fan base into the mix has been a brilliant move and makes the fans part of the project now. They have skin in the game, so to speak. It is a great way to include the fans and I am sure they take a certain degree of pride in becoming movie moguls,” said Sorbo, who has personally autographed a number of the incentives being offered.

Funds from the pre-sales on Kickstarter will be used to complete the sound, music, and video effects. The effects include exciting dragon and battle sequences, according to Faller.

“We want the movie to be as good as it can be, so every extra dollar we can get helps us make the movie more awesome. Which brings us to you… we need your support to grow our VFX budget and allow us to actually get this done,” said Faller.

More information about all the films made by Arrowstorm can be found at

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