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iTouchFaucets (ITF) introduces the Smart Faucet that could dramatically help Reduce Water Wastage up to 80% to help Deal with the Serious Drought Situation in California, United States

iTouchFaucets (ITF) introduces the Smart Faucet that could dramatically help Reduce Water Wastage up to 80% to help Deal with the Serious Drought Situation in California, United States

iTouchFaucets uses the Smartphone Touch Technology to help residents and commercial business owners of South Western United States deal effectively with drastic water shortages.

iTouchFaucets, a new patented technology made in the United States, is helping people overcome the consequences of serious water shortage situation that has gripped South Western United States. This versatile, extremely reliable and durable iTouchFaucets makes use of a Smartphone Touch Technology to reduce water wastage by a whopping 80-90 per cent. In these near-drought situations, this device can be of tremendous help.

iTouchFaucets is an innovative hi tech approach that consumers are excited to adopt,” says Joanna Boey, National Vice President of iTouchFaucets. “Our state-of-the-art system uses an electronic touchpad that looks like a smartphone to replace faucet handles. It can be a retrofit and attached to most faucet designs for Showers, Bathtubs, Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks.  This touchpad can be placed anywhere convenient to the end users especially for the physically challenged and handicapped and is therefore ADA compliant. It is specifically designed to help reduce water wastage by as much as 90 per cent.”

iTouchFaucets (ITF) system helps save water in two ways. With 4 (four) Preset Temperatures and various timer settings, users can select their water temperature at the touch of a finger, thus reducing water wastage while adjusting water temperature to their desired choice. Users will enjoy this touch sensitive selection of temperature not having to deal with the two handles while at the same time being environmental, saving water, gas and electricity.

The preset timer can be programmed from 3 seconds to 30 minutes. It defaults at 3 seconds to help reduce water wastage by up to 80% while doing routine chores such as brushing of teeth, washing of face, shaving, dental floss, putting on contact lenses and simply washing of hands. A lot of water is wasted because users tend to invest so much time adjusting the water to the correct temperature, they tend to leave their water running while doing these routine chores to avoid adjusting it repeatedly. Hence, by defaulting at 3 seconds, water supply is cut off to reduce unnecessary water wastage.

This can help you save 10-12 gallons of water per person per day which amounts to about 4000 gallons per person per year. The energy savings can be even more when the gas needed for heating water, the electricity needed for pumping and the fuel that airlines, RVs and cruise lines use, are considered.

In a state like California, ITF can help save 400 million gallons per day or 160 billion gallons per year for a population of 40 million.

ITF system can help save an unimaginable amount of water. This technology can be of immense help in tackling the serious drought of South Western states

For showers and bathtubs, the preset timers can be preset at 1 to 5 minutes to prevent overflow of bathtubs and showers and avoid mold issues and high insurance costs.

When used in restaurant kitchens, savings is even more prominent.

Since US law mandates that kitchen staff scrub their hands for 30 seconds, this means for every 30 seconds saved per hand wash one gallon of water is saved (based on US flow rate of 2 gallons a minute) plus enormous gas savings since scrubbing their hands with hot water is mandated. When repeated 10 times a day, it can save you 10 gallons of water.

If an average kitchen has five staff members, this means 50 gallons saved per day or 16,000 gallons saved per year. With the potential water and energy rate hike, this product can quickly pay for itself within a few years and enjoy savings thereafter.

With an estimated 70,000 restaurants in California alone, this means 3.5 million gallons saved per day, or 1.2 billion gallons a year.

The recent severe 4 year drought had forced Governor Brown no choice but to quickly approve a billion dollar desalinization plant. One can expect some serious water rate hike thereafter. Desalinization is not an environmentally healthy process as it can severely damage ocean lives and push up the cost of seafood. Recycling on the other hand is not much better either, though it is a cheaper alternative but it can cause serious health repercussions as substantial chemicals are being added each time recycling takes place.

Water conservation is acknowledged by experts as still the best solution.

iTouchFaucets, not only saves water, plus corresponding gas to heat that water, electric to pump that water to greater heights, making this one of  the greenest technologies in US History.

With its versatility, durability and reliability and the amount of water and gas savings, this system could eventually be cheaper than manual faucets.

iTouchFaucets has plans to add Digital Advertising to its Touchpad which could be installed  Free to busy public restrooms such as Disneyland and Universal Studios and many busy Casinos.

About iTouchFaucets:

iTouchFaucets is an innovative, patented technology developed in the United States to save water in several ways in both residences and commercial establishments. This extremely versatile system can easily be retrofitted and attached to most faucet designs. The touch-sensitive system provides instant water flow with the desired temperature without having to deal with the old fashioned handles which will soon be obsolete once the implementation of iTouchFaucets catches on.

In a recent trade show in San Diego California, iTouchFaucets recently won the Best Product Design Award in the faucets category at the BDWest 2015 trade show held in April 2015 making this system the Talk of the Town.

In their two recent trade shows at Hi connect April 2015, Nashville Tennessee and BD West 2015 in San Diego California, iTouchFaucets had received loads of compliments for designing such a product especially in this era where water conservation is at its utmost importance.

Many hotel owners, management companies and designers had already expressed interest in implementing this state-of-the-art Smart Faucet system making faucet handles totally obsolete.

President and CEO of iTouchFaucets is confident that this product is so popular, they are expecting huge demand and backlog orders and has plans to go public very soon.

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Joanna Boey, Author of How to be Happy without Money Drugs & Alcohol sold at amazon and Barnes & Noble (by pen name Angel Lim) hopes to bring in enough funds to start a Laughing Café to help make this world a happier place to live in.

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